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Public sector budget management [Public Sector Finance]

HB Publications offers a public sector budgeting management book on devolved budgets, two budgeting assessments online, and a budgeting CPD course. This ensures learners are confident, capable, and efficient in public sector budget management. Contact us now for more information.

Public sector budgeting: book

Managing the devolved budget

This book is part of the ‘Essential skills for public sector’ series. It is an essential read for anyone in the public sector who manages or influences the budgeting process. Managing and being responsible for public funds is one of the crucial tasks of a public sector manager. This is particularly true in current environment, where budgets are reducing and constrained. This book is crucial for public sector managers, especially since they often do not receive any formal training in this subject.

 The book explains the following:

  • Process of budget devolvement
  • Preparing budgets
  • Controlling and monitoring budgets
  • Understanding financial information
  • Connection between management and financial responsibility

The book also provides examples to learn from and practical exercises which enable learners to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. The book is easy to read and is written in a simple style.

Public sector budgeting: online assessments

HB Publications provides two online budgeting competency assessments for public sector managers: budget setting skills, and budget management and control.

The online competency assessments are available along with training materials. The training material enables development of skills and knowledge in the public sector. After completion of the assessment, a report is provided to indicate the level of competency achieved. In total, three attempts of the assessments are permitted. The questions are rotated from a databank of question.

Budget setting skills –  online budgeting competency assessment

The online assessment and training material includes the following:

  • What is a budget?
  • Budget setting is important
  • Budget setting process
  • Budget setting techniques
  • Cash limited budgets
  • Factors that help decide the budget
  • Budget setting assumptions
  • Budgeting vs costing
  • Calculating unit cost
  • Activity based budgeting
  • Budgeting for salaries
  • Demand led budget
  • Profiling budgets
  • Forecasting income
  • Crucial factors for successful budgeting

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Managing the devolved budgets – online budgeting competency assessment

The online assessment and training material includes the following:

  • Budget monitoring
  • Steps in the monitoring process
  • Establishing actual income and expenditure
  • Commitment accounting
  • Variance analysis
  • Calculating variances
  • Reasons for variances
  • What to do about variances
  • Factors that control the budget
  • Uncontrollable variances
  • Taking action to control variances
  • Budget virement
  • Demand led budgets
  • Responsibility for budget monitoring
  • Monthly monitoring routines
  • Projecting outruns
  • Financial management information
  • Budget monitoring reports

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Public sector budgeting: CPD course

The CPD (continuous professional development) course is suitable for public sector managers and anyone who has some budgeting responsibility, and would benefit from an understanding of public sector budget management.

Managing the devolved budget – Budgeting CPD course

The course is comprised of the ‘managing the devolved budget’ book and online assessment (details above). Public sector managers often come from non-financial backgrounds and don’t receive any formal training on budgeting. The objective of the course is to improve the financial competency of the learners, and their ability to implement budget management techniques.

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Budget setting:  budget management and control – Budgeting CPD course

Understanding public funds management is crucial for managers, especially in the current environment of declining funds, and increased demands on public services. The course will include the following:

  • All aspects of budget setting
  • Budget management and control
  • Variance analysis
  • Commitment accounting
  • Budgetary control techniques

Ideal for the public or non-profit sector, this course can be customised for organisations with specific requirements. Contact us now for more information about the services provided for public sector budget management.

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