ATEX approved VOC detectors

ATEX approved VOC detector [ATEX approved VOC detector]

Ion Science manufactures and supplies 6 different types of ATEX approved VOC detectors. Ion Science is independently verified as an expert in the field of Photoionization Detection (PID) technology. The company is the world’s largest VOC technology and instrument manufacturer.

Ion Science offers the following:

  • Fixed ATEX VOC detectors – Falco, TVOC, and Titan
  • Personal ATEX VOC detectors – CUB and CUB TAC
  • Handheld ATEX VOC detectors – Tiger VOC detector

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ATEX approved VOC detectors: Fixed

Falco: fixed VOC detector

The ATEX approved gas detector features the latest technology on the market. The detector offers ultimate flexibility and the highest accuracy. The Falco is the only fixed gas detector designed for extreme weather. The device incorporates the patented Photoionization Detection (PID) technology for accurate measurements and is EX D certified.

TVOC: Fixed PID detector

The fixed VOC gas detector provides continuous detection and measurements within minutes. The detector features the patented PID sensors and Fence Electrode Technology by Ion Science. The Fence Electrode Technology provides increased resistance to humidity and contamination.

The instrument has ATEX and IECEx approvals, which makes the device suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. The robust TVOC is ideal to use in manufacturing and other industries.

Titan: Fixed benzene detector

Titan is the first selective benzene fixed gas detector on the market. Incorporating the patented PID technology, the detector is resistant to humidity and contamination, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh environments. 

The detector is easy to install and service.

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ATEX approved VOC detectors: Personal

CUB: the personal VOC detector

The personal VOC detector offers unrivalled sensitivity, the widest detection range, and can measure 480 selectable compounds. The personal gas detector is suitable to wear in harsh environments and has ATEX, IECEx, and US and Canadian certifications.

CUB TAC: the personal benzene detector

The personal benzene gas monitor provides fast and accurate detection of benzene and of total aromatic compounds (TACs). The Cub TAC is the smallest and lightest detector on the market.

Both instruments enable the user to pre-set gas alarm levels, which alerts the user through the sound, vibration and a flashing LED alarm system.

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ATEX approved VOC detectors: Handheld

Tiger VOC detector

The gas detector provides rapid and accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The detector incorporates patented Photoionization Detector (PID) technology. The VOC detector is resistant to humidity and has an anti-contamination design, which extends the run time of the device in the field.

The rugged design and detachable protective cover enables the VOC detector to withstand harsh environments. The detector is easy to use and upgrade. These features make the detector a reliable, long term investment.

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