Humidity resistant PID sensor from Ion Science

MiniPID [humidity resistant PID sensor]

humidity resistant PID sensor
humidity resistant PID sensor

Ion Science is the largest manufacturer and supplier of humidity resistant PID sensors. Designed for OEMs, the MiniPID sensors are trusted and used by many major gas detection manufacturers, worldwide.

The Fence Electrode Technology patented by Ion Science is proven to resist humidity and contamination. This technology makes it possible to get accurate measurements even in harsh environments.

There are two humidity resistant PID sensors manufactured by Ion Science. MiniPID 2 and MiniPID 2 HS.

MiniPID 2

The MiniPID 2 is a humidity resistant PID sensor. The sensor can detect and measure thousands of VOCs. The PID sensor is designed for both diffusive and in-line sampling.

The MiniPID 2 has 4 ranges of detection

PPM MiniPID 2: 0 – 6000 ppm with 0.1 ppm sensitivity.
The sensor is configured to provide accurate measurements of VOCs level, even at high concentration environments; repeatedly.

PPB MiniPID 2: range 0 – 40 ppm with 0.001 ppm ( 1 ppb) sensitivity.
The PPB sensor is optimised to provide low background current for low-end sensitivity.

10.0 eV MiniPID 2: range 0 – 100 ppm with 0.005 ppm (5 ppb) sensitivity.
The 10.0 eV variant is ideal for the selective measurement of compounds that contain low ionisation potential.

11.7 eV MiniPID 2: range 0 to 100 ppm with 0.1 ppm (100 ppb) sensitivity.
The 11.7 eV lamp extends the range of detectable compounds to include chloro-carbons, CFCs, formaldehyde and chlorine, etc.

The humidity resistant PID sensor has the following features

  • 10,000 hours of continuous lamp life
  • Contamination prevention design
  • Wide range of ‘PPM’ models
  • Low drift and high sensitivity ‘PPB’ models
  • 10 eV, 10.6 eV and 11.7 eV lamps available
  • Detachable and pneumatically sealed sensing pellet
  • Series 4/A1 format
  • 12 month warranty (not including stacks)
  • 5 year life expectancy
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Diffusive and in-line pumped sampling
  • Fast response time and clear down

MiniPID 2 HS

The MiniPID 2 HS is a humidity resistant PID sensor. The MiniPID 2 HS sensor is 15 times more sensitive than the MiniPID 2 sensor.

The MiniPID 2 HS sensor is capable of detecting trace levels of VOCs over long durations. The sensor is intrinsically safe certified and fulfils the ATEX, IECEx, II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga accreditations.

The sensor is ideal for the following applications and locations

  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Clean rooms
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Soil sampling and air sampling
  • Fugitive emissions
  • Volatile spills
  • Law enforcement and emergency response

The MiniPID2 HS has the following features

  • 10,000 hours of continuous lamp life
  • 10.6 eV UV lamp
  • High sensitivity for sub-ppb level detection
  • Detection range – 0.5 ppb to 3ppm
  • Self-diagnostic feature – checks for contamination
  • 12 month warranty (not including stacks)
  • Sensor lifetime – more than 5 years (excluding lamp and electrode stack)
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Removable and pneumatically sealed electrode stack
  • Certified as intrinsically safe
  • Series 4/A1 format

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