PID sensor OEM

Mini PID HS [PID sensor OEM]

Mini PID HS is a PID sensor OEM

Ion Science is the largest manufacturer and supplier of the PID Sensor OEM parts. The MiniPID 2 HS is trusted by all major gas detection companies around the world. The sensor is 15 times more sensitive that the existing MiniPID 2 sensor and is capable of providing accurate measurements over a long period of time in extreme weather conditions.

Designed for OEM, the MiniPID 2 HS has an intrinsically safe certificate and fulfils ATEX, IECEx, II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga accreditations. This ensures that the sensor can be trusted to operate reliably in extreme environments.

The VOC sensor OEM can also be used for the following applications:

  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Clean room monitoring
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring
  • Soil and air sampling
  • Fugitive emission monitoring
  • Volatile spills monitoring
  • Law enforcement and emergency response

The PID sensor OEM has the following benefits:

Feature Benefit
Fence Electrode Technology Resistant to humidity and contamination, ensuring minimum drifts (which ensures accurate results), and increased lifespan of the device
Re-designed pneumatically sealed electrode stack Enables 15 times higher sensitivity, detection of trace levels of VOC over a long period of time, and a wider range of detection. This ensures better safety in the work environment
Self-diagnostic feature Indicates when the electrode stack is contaminated, and when the sensor is not operating as designed
Improved stability Reliable detection of less volatile compounds over an extended period of time
Robust lamp illumination 10, 000 hours of continuous use

Technical Specification for the PID sensor OEM

Technical specifications Value/Information
Target gases VOCs with ionisation potentials below 10.6 eV
Minimum detection limit 0.5 ppb
Typical sensitivity > 500 mV/ppm
T90 response time 10 seconds
Warm up time

10 minutes

Offset voltage 100 – 200 mV
Response time 10 seconds
Filter lifetime 1 year
Operating life > 5 years
Position sensitivity None
Onboard filter Hydrophobic, removes particulates and liquids
Error state signal (diagnostics) < 50>
Weight < 8>
Package type Series-4 package size, 3-pin interface
Serviceable parts Electrode stack, lamp
Warranty period 12 months
Recommended storage conditions

10 – 30 °C, ≤95 %RH (no dew condensation)

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