Reliable and accurate fire investigation kit

Fire investigation kit [Arson investigation kit]

The Tiger fire investigation kit from Ion Science provides fast, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The instrument has exceptional resistance to humidity and contamination, ensuring minimal drifts and longevity. This ensures a high return on your investment.

The device provides a reliable, quick and accurate method of investigating fire, without depending on dogs and their abilities.

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The fire investigation kit includes the patented Fence Electrode System and the advanced three-electrode format. This increases the resistance to humidity and contamination, thereby increasing reliability and accuracy.

The arson investigation kit detects hydrocarbon compounds such as those found in petrol, alkanes, and cycloalkanes. This enables the device to quickly discover potential arson accelerants and provide an initial crime scene VOC assessment report.

Fire investigation kit: Benefits

  • Humidity resistant PID sensor provides accurate results even in harsh environments
  • Anti-contamination design
  • Detects VOCs from 0 to 20,000 ppm
  • Minimum sensitivity of 0.001 ppm (1 ppb)
  • Integrated flash light for dark or dimly lit areas
  • 2 second response time and quick delete function
  • Detects over 480 VOCs and toxic compounds

Ideal for:

  • Insurance companies
  • Police
  • Fire investigators
  • Fire consultants
  • Private investigators

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The fire investigation kit from Ion Science includes the following

  • Tiger or Tiger LT handheld VOC detector
  • 1m flexible probe for versatile, practical detection of VOCs in hard to reach places
  • Bump test pen
  • AA tiger battery pack for emergency power supply
  • Charging cable and travel charge adaptor to enable remote charging of the instrument
  • Exhaust barb, which can be connected to a collection bag
  • Quick start guide as instrument doesn’t require specialised training
  • Spare PTFE filters (pack of 10)
  • Rugged carry case for easy and secure transportation of instrument

Additional accessories

  • 100 ppm isobutylene gas cylinder for accurate calibration and verification of instrument performance

The kit can also be purchased individually to use with existing Tiger instruments. Contact us now for more information by filling out the form below.

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