Metal-working machine conveyor bin cover

Machine conveyor bin cover [‘Keep-it-covered’]

Protect your employees from harmful emissions in machining centres. The machine conveyor bin cover helps your workplace comply with health and safety directives for metal-working industries.

Wogaard manufactures each cover to the size of your lathes and CNC machines. You can be confident of a secure fit, and you can install a cover on almost any machine.

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Machine conveyor bin cover for metal-working industries

The machine conveyor bin cover combats the problem of odours and mists in machining centres. By covering your cutting machines and waste bins, you improve working conditions for your employees. You also comply with COSHH 2002 health and safety directives.

The cover is easy to install and convenient to use. A built-in window allows you to check the contents of the swarf bin without removing the cover.  You can combine the cover with Wogaard’s coolant and oil savers, so you trap bad odours and reduce waste simultaneously.

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Features and benefits of the machine conveyor bin cover

  • Durable material: The bin cover lasts many years in harsh industrial environments. You receive maximum return on investment.
  • Built-in viewing window: You can quickly check the contents of the swarf bin without removing the cover.
  • Easy access for coolant and oil saver kits: The bin cover integrates perfectly with the Wogaard coolant and oil saver kits, so you can stop emissions and reduce waste.
  • Bespoke sizes: The swarf bin cover is manufactured to the exact size of your machines. You can install a cover on almost any machine.

About Wogaard

Wogaard’s aim is to reduce costs and waste in manufacturing industries. Thousands of Wogaard coolant savers, oil savers and swarf bin covers are in use all over the world, and the company has a wide base of happy customers.

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