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computer cabinet PENC-800
Computer Cabinet IP54 Computer Protection for dirty or dusty environments

Computer cabinet The PENC-800 computer cabinet is an all-in-one compact computer enclosure designed for protecting a wide range of

industrial touch screen monitor from Armagard
Industrial touch screen monitor manufactured to standard IP54

The industrial touch screen monitor provides the functionality of a touch screen in industrial environments. The touch screen is

Industrial PC Cabinet with Keyboard Tray
Industrial PC Cabinet for dusty working environments

Armagard’s Industrial PC Cabinet is ideal for the use in an industrial working environment as it protects Thinclient PC’s and up

Dust Proof Computer Enclosure front view with screensaver
Dust Proof Computer Enclosure ideal for dusty working environments

The Dust Proof Computer Enclosure is perfect for the use in industrial working environments, where a high volume of dust and dirt poses

Computer enclosure PENC-900
Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating

Computer Cabinets - PC-CP01
Computer Cabinets A IP54 Computer Enclosure for Harsh Environments

Computer cabinets Our high security computer cabinets are designed to protect computers and servers in hostile environments from

industrial LCD monitor enclosure from Armgard
industrial LCD monitor enclosure for manufacturing environments

The Armagard industrial LCD monitor enclosure allows you to benefit from the functionality of a PC in dirty or dusty environments. The

Industrial LCD monitor enclosure
Industrial LCD Monitor IP54 Enclosure for Small Computers and LCD Screens

The 700 series industrial LCD monitor enclosure is designed to protect tower or desktop PCs and flat screens (TFT, LCD, plasma or

PC enclosure from Armagard
PC enclosure to protect computers in harsh environments

The Armagard 19 inch PC enclosure protects from liquid, dust, oil, physical impact and theft. The enclosure is made from steel, has

Compact Touchscreen Enclosure main image
IP54 Compact touchscreen Enclosure with Integrated Touch Screen Monitor

The PENC-350 is a slim line compact touchscreen enclosure to protect desktop and tower PCs in factory environments. It can also be

Touch Screen Industrial PC main image
Touch Screen Industrial PC IP54 with Integrated 21.5 touch screen

Designed to protect tower PC's and using touch-screen technology, the Armagard Touch Screen Industrial PC PENC 450 series is a

mild steel printer enclosure
Mild Steel Printer Enclosure - Dustproof printer protection

IP54 Mild Steel Printer Enclosure for Industrial and Shop Floor Environments Armagard's 400 series Mild Steel printer enclosure protects

Printer enclosure
Printer Enclosure - A Highly customisable floor standing printer enclosure for printer protection

All purpose and Adaptable Our IP54 Printer Enclosure is ideal for factory and industrial environments Armagard's floor standing 700

Industrial computer cabinet PENC-800 - PPRI-700
Industrial Computer Cabinet IP54 all-in-one

Flexible and Versatile IP54 Dual Printer and computer cabinet for Factory and Industrial Environments Protect you production processes

Industrial computer workstation from Armagard
Industrial computer workstation to protect your PC and accessories

The Armagard industrial computer workstation allows you to use a PC with a 24 inch monitor in wet and dirty conditions. The enclosure

Digital signage touch screen main image
Digital Signage Touch Screen - touch screen technology with Digital advertising in mind

Digital Signage Touch Screen Enclosure Providing a new method to communicate and attract new customers, the digital signage touch

Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure
Portrait flat panel enclosure - outdoor and indoor digital advertising display

Portrait flat panel enclosure ideal as information boards or digital advertising displays. The Portrait enclosures can be positioned at

LCD Enclosure
LCD enclosure - Digital Signage protection of screens for Outdoor Environments

Protection of LCD screens in outdoor, harsh environments. Protecting against collisions, particle ingress, heavy rain, and sealed to

industrial computer enclosure from Armagard
industrial computer enclosure

The Armagard industrial computer enclosure enables you to benefit from the functionality of a computer in an industrial environment.

waterproof touch screen monitor
Waterproof touch screen monitor and enclosure

Armagard provides three cost-effective options that enable you to use waterproof and touch screen technology in industrial and

Outdoor TV enclosure in insitu hangin up on the wall
Outdoor TV Enclosure - Weather, Vandal and Theft Proof for your TV outdoor needs

Why Buy An Outdoor TV Enclosure? 3 Key Incentives... VERSATILE - Great for personal or commercial use. COST-EFFECTIVE –

LCD Monitor Enclosure
LCD Monitor Enclosure - LCD Monitor or TV protection for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Protect LCD monitors or small LCD TVs in outdoor, public or industrial environments with an LCD Monitor Enclosure. Designed to

Plasma enclosure
Plasma enclosure - protection of your digital signage for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Plasma enclosure Designed to accommodate a large variety of commercial plasma displays ranging from 24" (61cm) to 70" (178cm).

Outdoor digital advertising display main image
Outdoor Digital Advertising Display 70

Providing a cutting edge, cost effective solution, your 70"-75" Outdoor Digital Advertising Display from Armagard will deliver a