Don’t forget this essential military band equipment

Drum cases and custom graphics are one piece of essential military band equipment

Ordering instruments and accessories for a whole military band can be a stressful experience. From making sure the price is reasonable, to organising the shipping for all the goods, there are so many things to consider.

As a result, our customers can sometimes forget important products for their bands. To make things easier, we have created a list of frequently overlooked items and accessories. We hope this will make things easier when you next look to place an order for your military band!

Drum accessories

In the past, customers have placed an order for marching drums without considering the important complementary products.

We discussed in a previous article the value of wrapping your military crest onto your drums to create a more professional performance. Uniformity and identity are essential features of any military band, so wrapping your drums will have a particularly positive impact on your band’s image.

An emblazoned drum is an piece of essential military band equipment

Emblazoned Premier bass drum

Marching drums can be fragile and will get damaged if not handled with necessary care. It is important, therefore, to provide a drum case which will protect them from scratches and dust when you are transporting them or storing them away.

Make sure you choose a suitable case next time you purchase a marching drum. We recommend Nomad’s black cases, which are available in a variety of sizes for snare, tenor and bass drums. Nomad supplies reasonably-priced storage solutions for all marching drums.

Nomad Drum Cases from the leading supplier of essential military band equipment

Nomad drum cases

Care and maintenance kits

Military band instruments require regular care and maintenance to make sure they continue to function as well as possible. If wind and brass instruments are not regularly cleaned and lubricated, they are likely to be damaged, which will lead to costly repairs.

Although there are many items to remember in a large order, it is important not to forget care and maintenance products for your military band instruments. Westminster care kits, for example, are perfect for brass instruments. SuperSlick also supplies high quality cleaning kits.

A SuperSlick cleaning kit from essential military band equipment supplier, BBICO

SuperSlick cleaning kit


For the most part, military bands perform either on the march or stood in formation. The musicians use cardholders to read music from or perform from memory. It is important to remember, however, that a lot of preparation goes into a performance, and music stands are essential for rehearsals and individual practice sessions. König & Meyer music stands are the ideal purchase for any military band.

A König & Meyer music stand is a piece of essential military band equipment

König & Meyer 11899 orchestra music stand

On the topic of rehearsals, musicians will sometimes want to put their instrument down, without having to put it away and reassemble it moments later. An instrument stand makes life easier for a military musician, and keeps the instrument stable and protected during a pause in rehearsal.

Stands are made for all military band instruments. König & Meyer are a popular manufacturer of instrument stands. Saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, French horn and euphonium stands are among those most commonly purchased.

K&M 14300 saxophone stand from the leading supplier of essential military band equipment.

K&M 14300 saxophone stand

Ceremonial products

Instruments are not the only products you need to order for a military band performance. The band would be nothing without their drum major, who directs using his ceremonial mace.

Military bands use a mace for giving signals and commands while marching, so it is a vital component in any performance. For the perfect mace for your band, we recommend ordering a Premier 1960 60″ mace. 

Premier maces feature an impressive large head with raised facets in brilliant chrome surmounted by a crown. Bespoke maces are also available upon request, subject to specification requirements.

The Premier ceremonial mace is a piece of essential military band equipment

Premier ceremonial mace

How the British Band Instrument Company can help

BBICO will prepare and deliver the whole of your military band order or tender. With years of experience and expert knowledge, we can make sure you have everything you need for a successful military band.

If you are worried you may have forgotten anything when making an order, do not hesitate to ask!

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