Westminster Instruments – the ideal range for marching bands

a marching band playing Westminster Instruments by BBICO

A marching band playing Westminster instruments by BBICO.

The history behind the Westminster brand

Military music only began to take some defined shape in Europe at the time of the Crusades. Inspired by Saracen military bands, European armies began to introduce a range of new instruments to their instrumentation. The military band as we know it began to formulate in the 17th century, with further additions made in the late 18th century. Consequently, these bands and their instruments would go on to influence music making for years to come.

Military bands have been an integral part of British heritage for many years. This led to the continuous development of brass instruments by The Boosey & Hawkes Company designed specifically for military and marching bands. As such, the company has had a special significance in military music for decades. Indeed, these instruments have long provided military bands with the famous British military sound.

The evolution of these esteemed instruments has culminated in the establishment of the Westminster brand, a range of brass and woodwind instruments tailored to the needs of military bands.

A brand of the highest quality

The Westminster instrument range provides tonal benefits to a variety of brass and woodwind instruments suitable for all applications. They give a full sound with both good intonation and easy response.

That wonderful sonorous sound comes from instruments made to the highest quality by skilled craftsmen who draw on the long traditions and experience in this field.

Who can play Westminster instruments?

The latest technological advances are adopted in the manufacturing process and an ongoing development programme, in collaboration with eminent musicians, provides instruments that meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s musician.

Westminster instruments are renowned for being free-flowing, well-balanced and comfortable to play. As such, they are suitable for players of all abilities. They are equally at home in schools, teaching settings and ensembles as well as on the parade ground.
The range offers models at basic, intermediate and professional level, so there is an instrument for everyone.

The Westminster range covers all brass instruments and most woodwind instruments. Brass instruments are available in either silver-plate or lacquer finishes.

The ideal military band instruments

As a result of several generations of technical development focused solely on military bands, Westminster instruments are robust, well-engineered and durable. This, combined with the great sound they produce, makes these instruments well-suited to military life.

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