Balancing valves for various heating control systems

Balancing valves [Balancing valves]

Omega Valves is a supplier of balancing valve or double regulating valves (DRV).

There are two main types of double regulating valves: DRV for flow regulation, and DRV for flow measurement and flow regulation. Contact us now for more information.

Double regulating valves provide a quick and easy method of controlling water temperatures in heating systems. The valves can be positioned to enable stable operations whilst undergoing maintenance. This feature reduces interruptions and temperature fluctuations.

DRV for flow regulation

This is commonly a Y shaped globe valve that minimises the pressure loss when completely open. Adjustments can be made to the valve to increase resistance and reduce the flow of liquid.

DRV for flow measurement and regulations

The valve is based on the fixed orifice principle. Traditionally, the valve was assembled by joining the valve to a fixed orifice device. The orifice can now be directly fitted inside the body of the DRV. Omega Valves offers both options to clients.

Balancing valves are suitable for the following applications and locations

  • Boilers
  • HVAC chiller systems
  • Central heating systems at home and office
  • Commercial heating systems in industrial manufacturing plants
  • Commercial heating system in chilled storage facilities

The balancing valve can be used in many different environments. Special materials are available upon request for the application of balancing valves in extreme temperatures. This includes the material of construction and the soft parts, such as the seats and the seals. For more information contact us now.

Omega Valves has the following balancing valves available

  • Cast iron flanged PN16 – 65mm to 300mm
  • Brass BSP – 15mm to 50mm

For specialised valves, get in touch with us now. We will be pleased to offer you a complete solution to fulfil your requirements.

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