Use Y strainers for effective filtration of liquids and gases

Strainers [Y Strainers]

Omega Valves supplies high quality Y strainers for various industries and applications. The device is suitable for horizontal and vertical pipelines and is used to filter solids from liquid or gas streams.

Different types of screens and materials are available to fulfil specific requirements. Contact us now for more information.

Features of the Y strainer

The strainers can be used in many environments. Special materials are available on request for extreme temperatures, pressures and sizes of solids. This includes the screen, material of construction, and the soft parts, such as the seat and seal.

Feature Benefit
Clean Y strainers can filter out fine solids to ensure clean outflow.
Strong The compact, cylindrical shape of the strainer can accommodate high pressure. The valve can easily handle 6000 psi of pressure.
High temperature The valve is well equipped to withstand high temperatures, including steam.
Minimise damage The strainer minimizes the damage to the pipelines, valves, pumps, flowmeters, and instrumentations.
Cost effective The strainer is designed to minimise interruptions, wear and tear, and any associated costs.
Easy to maintain Simple access to the cover for easy removal of the solids accumulated.

Y strainers can be installed in various locations including the following:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Power stations
  • HVAC
  • Industrial factories
  • Steam generation
  • Boiler rooms

Y strainers are the most common type of strainers installed in pipelines. The strainers are used to filter solids from liquid or gas.

Some of the most common applications are for the following:

  • Steam
  • Nitrogen
  • Natural gas
  • Chemicals
  • Water

Omega Valves complies with the following standards for Y Strainers:

  • PED/97/23/EC
  • ASME B16.5
  • EN1092-1 (previously BS4504)

Technical specifications

Feature Options
Material Available as cast, forged and fabricated. Carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, duplex stainless steel, and chrome moly steels.
Size 0.5” to 24”.
Class ratings Class 150 to class 2500.
Connections Screwed, flanged RF and RTJ, and butt weld.
Testing Non destructive testing, dye penetration inspection (DPI), magnetic particle inspection (MPI), and positive alloy material identification (PMI).

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