Easily check fluid levels with a high-quality sight glass

Sight glass types [Sight Glass]

Omega Valves is a sight glass supplier. The device enables factory workers to visually check the flow or level of liquid either locally or remotely from a distance.

Different types of sight glasses can be manufactured from different materials to fulfil specific requirements. Contact us now for more information.

Most sight glasses can be categorised under three distinct categories.

  • Tank sight glass – Enables viewing of content in tanks and vessels
  • Liquid level gauge – Enables determination of level of content in tanks and vessels
  • Sight flow indicator – Enables viewing of liquid or gaseous stream through pipelines

Features and benefits

Features Benefits
Strong The glass can withstand high pressure. The range of pressure can vary from high vacuum through atmospheric to high pressure to 1000bar.
High temperature Can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from cryogenic to furnace.
Fail-safe Provides an additional layer of safety to ensure stable operations. The device can be used in combination with digital cameras for continuous monitoring in critical places.
Cost effective It is a cost effective solution with a long lifespan.

Sight glasses are used across a range of industries and are applicable for most industrial applications. With the advent of automated industrial factories liquid levels, flow rates, pressures, and temperature can be recorded automatically. The device provides additional security to ensure a smooth operation and can be combined with digital cameras for continuous recorded observation.

Sight glasses are used in the following locations:

  • Industrial boilers
  • Petrochemical factories
  • Factories
  • Chemical reactors
  • Biological reactors

Omega Valves fulfils the following standards:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Module H (DIN/EN/ISO 9001)
  • AD standards WO/TRD 100
  • TUV and factory approval
  • DIN 7079 – Standard for fusing the device to the metal
  • DIN 7080/Din 7079 for borosilicate glass

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