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environmental noise monitoring system by Cirrus Research
Environmental noise monitoring system | Cirrus Research noise monitors

Cirrus Research is a market leading manufacturer of environmental noise monitoring systems. The Invictus range uses the latest

Outdoor digital signage main image
Outdoor Digital Signage, 47

Outdoor digital signage Ideal as a customer service unit, as well as being designed at the optimum viewing height for Drive-Through…

Stainless Steel printer enclosure
Stainless Steel Printer Enclosure | Versatile Waterproof Printer Enclosure

Flexible and Versatile Floorstanding IP65 Waterproof Printer Enclosure Armagard's 700 series floor standing stainless steel printer…

Waterproof printer enclosure
Waterproof Printer Enclosure | IP65 Protective Enclosure for Printers

Stainless Steel Label Printer Enclosure for Wet and Hostile Environments Armagard's 100 series Waterproof printer enclosure is the

electric actuator with butterfly valve
Electric actuator is the smart option

The electric actuator is a cost-effective method for automating any industrial process, efficiently. The wide range of options,

Surrey Translation Bureau
Surrey Translation Bureau, Professional Translation Agency UK

Your translation is produced and checked by a professional native translator with relevant experience of the subject area.Automated…

Synchronised digital wall clock front
Inova Solutions 6 Digit Synchronised Digital Wall Clock

PoE Synchronised Digital Wall Clock Powered from a mains outlet and developed from an Aluminum body, the Galleon digital wall clock

Computer enclosure PENC-900
Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating

waterproof monitor enclosure
Waterproof Monitor enclosure - LCD Monitor/TV protection from water or washdown environments

Protect LCD monitors or TVs in outdoor, damp or wet environments. Designed to accommodate 17" to 24" LCD Monitors or screens…

two engineered valve with actuator
Engineered valves from Omega Valves

Engineered valves are a 100% customised solution for engineering, design or operational challenges. Valves are manufactured to

Digital signage touch screen main image
Digital Signage Touch Screen - touch screen technology with Digital advertising in mind

Digital Signage Touch Screen Enclosure Providing a new method to communicate and attract new customers, the digital signage touch

Easy Noise Nuisance Recording Device
Easy Noise Nuisance Recording Device used by housing associations

Are you a housing officer seeking an Easy Noise Nuisance Recording Device? Choose the TrojanLITE from Cirrus Research… Thanks to

Natural Handwash 400ML bottle
Natural Handwash Liquid Soap Paraben Free 400ml | Dalan d'Olive

Natural Handwash Product Description d'Olive Natural handwash Liquid Soap 400ml  While gently cleans, d'Olive Liquid Soap with

Front view of GPS Receiver with D-type connector
Reliable GPS Receiver

Standard GPS receiver shipped with Galleon GPS NTP servers, network time servers and time receivers…

Outdoor TV enclosure
Move your TV outside using the outdoor TV enclosure

Duratek Solutions presents the outdoor TV enclosure. The TV enclosure offers unrivalled protection from the natural elements making it

Compact Touchscreen Enclosure main image
IP54 Compact touchscreen Enclosure with Integrated Touch Screen Monitor

The PENC-350 is a slim line compact touchscreen enclosure to protect desktop and tower PCs in factory environments. It can also be

stainless less pneumatic actuator
Pneumatic actuator is the smart option

The pneumatic actuator is a cost-effective method for automating any industrial process, efficiently. The wide range of options,

LCD Enclosure
LCD enclosure - Digital Signage protection of screens for Outdoor Environments

Protection of LCD screens in outdoor, harsh environments. Protecting against collisions, particle ingress, heavy rain, and sealed to

all weather tv enclosure
all weather tv enclosure for outside television

Fully weatherproof, the all weather TV enclosure protects your TV from the elements. It will last for years allowing you to

Personal noise dosimeter and meter
Personal noise dosimeter. The high performance DoseBadge®

The DoseBadge® is the optimum personal noise dosimeter for occupational noise measurements. The DoseBadge® from Cirrus Research

Radio Receiver with D-type connector
Radio Receiver | IP65 Radio Receiver | Galleon Systems

Reliable IP65 MSF Radio Receiver The radio receiver is designed to process the radio time signal hosted in Anthorn, Cumbria, UK. The

Online Sales Training - Close More Sales More Often
Online sales training

Online sales training with TurboCharged sales Online sales training program - TurboCharged sales is a first class, proven

Side view of radio controlled clock with serial cable
Radio Controlled Clock

A battery operated, stand-alone radio controlled clock to receive and process the MSF radio atomic time signal.…

Waterproof Touchscreen enclosure main image
Waterproof Touchscreen Enclosure IP65 & Integrated Touchscreen Monitor

Sealed to IP65 and manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the SENC 750 Waterproof Touchscreen enclosure is designed to