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electric actuator with butterfly valve
Electric actuator is the smart option

The electric actuator is a cost-effective method for automating any industrial process, efficiently. The wide range of options,

NTP time server appliance
Secure NTP time server appliance

Galleon Systems offers an NTP time server appliance. The server provides a reliable and secure method of receiving and synchronising…

HACCP certification thermometers
HACCP certification thermometers | Eurolec Instruments PC Temp series thermometer probes

Eurolec Instruments is a market leading manufacturer of HACCP certification thermometers. The PC Temp series thermometer probes is a

PC enclosure from Armagard
PC enclosure to protect computers in harsh environments

The Armagard 19 inch PC enclosure protects from liquid, dust, oil, physical impact and theft. The enclosure is made from steel, has

waterproof touch screen monitor from Armagard
waterproof touch screen monitor

The waterproof touch screen monitor by Armagard allows the use of touch screens in wet and dirty environments. It is made from

Fire investigation kit
Reliable and accurate fire investigation kit

The Tiger fire investigation kit from Ion Science provides fast, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The instrument

NTP server time synchronization NTS-6002 front view
NTP server time synchronization for businesses

Does your business or organisation depend on NTP server time synchronization? Galleon Systems is a leading manufacturer of NTP time

two engineered valve with actuator
Engineered valves from Omega Valves

Engineered valves are a 100% customised solution for engineering, design or operational challenges. Valves are manufactured to

Computer enclosure PENC-900
Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating

outdoor TV for patios
Outdoor TV for patios | Duratek Solutions outdoor TV

Relax outdoors with the Duratek Solutions outdoor TV for patios. The 42” and 55” TVs are available with safety glass and a…

Water to Go unsafe drinking water solution
Unsafe Drinking Water Solution

WatertoGo offers the most advanced unsafe drinking water solution available. The company manufacturers portable water filter bottles

Personal noise dosimeter and meter
Personal noise dosimeter. The high performance DoseBadge®

The DoseBadge® is the optimum personal noise dosimeter for occupational noise measurements. The DoseBadge® from Cirrus Research

6-Digit NTP clock left side
Galleon NTP Clock

Synchronize your operational efficiency with the smart and professional 6 digit PoE (Power over Ethernet) NTP clock from

Front view of GPS Receiver with D-type connector
Reliable GPS Receiver

Standard GPS receiver shipped with Galleon GPS NTP servers, network time servers and time receivers…

Secure NTP Server side view
Secure NTP server inside your firewall

Galleon Systems provides a secure network time protocol (NTP) server that sits inside your firewall and delivers highly accurate time from

Dust Proof Computer Enclosure front view with screensaver
Dust Proof Computer Enclosure ideal for dusty working environments

The Dust Proof Computer Enclosure is perfect for the use in industrial working environments, where a high volume of dust and dirt poses

stainless less pneumatic actuator
Pneumatic actuator is the smart option

The pneumatic actuator is a cost-effective method for automating any industrial process, efficiently. The wide range of options,

outdoor TV for gardens and patios
outdoor TV for gardens and patios | Duratek Solutions outdoor TV

The Duratek Solutions outdoor TV for gardens and patios are ideal for a wide range of applications. Internal fans ensure the outdoor

Foreign trade policy training
Foreign trade policy training by InterAnalysis

InterAnalysis offers foreign trade policy training for their TradeSift software. The TradeSift software enables its user to analyse

Translation of creative content and online media from a Surrey Translation Agency
Surrey Translation Bureau, Surrey Translation Agency

Editing Designed for publication content where the style, flow and impact of the final document are key, such as web and app

Natural Handwash 400ML bottle
Natural Handwash Liquid Soap Paraben Free 400ml | Dalan d'Olive

Natural Handwash Product Description d'Olive Natural handwash Liquid Soap 400ml  While gently cleans, d'Olive Liquid Soap with

Procurement for Oil and Gas industry | Naas Procurement Specialist

NAAS PROCUREMENT SERVICE Who Are We NAAS provides world-class procurement service to our oil and gas clients across

Handheld VOC gas detector
Handheld VOC gas detector by Ion Science

The tiger handheld VOC gas detector is manufactured by Ion Science. The gas detector provides rapid and accurate detection of

Trade policy analysis software
The trade policy analysis software enables businesses to measure the impact of trade policies

TradeSift PRO, is a trade policy analysis software. The software is designed to provide extensive data analysis. The software was…