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LCD advertising display from Armagard front view
LCD advertising display to boost sales

The LCD advertising display is an effective and cost-effective solution to advertising. The LCD display functions as a digital poster

sntp server uk - TS-900 front view
Galleon Systems SNTP server UK

Rack-mount GPS clock, antenna and NTP server software to convert an existing Windows (XP, 7, 10, 2008, 2012, 2016) PC to a reliable

Dust Proof Computer Enclosure front view with screensaver
Dust Proof Computer Enclosure ideal for dusty working environments

The Dust Proof Computer Enclosure is perfect for the use in industrial working environments, where a high volume of dust and dirt poses

LCD Monitor Enclosure
LCD Monitor Enclosure - LCD Monitor or TV protection for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Protect LCD monitors or small LCD TVs in outdoor, public or industrial environments with an LCD Monitor Enclosure. Designed to

gps clock ntp server front view open
GPS clock NTP server for synchronised time

Precise and reliable Windows server stratum 1 GPS clock NTP server for large networks. True stratum 1 NTP time server GPS time

NTP GPS time server
NTP GPS time server for accurate time

Rackmount, dedicated secure Stratum 1 GPS NTP server, active antenna and software for uni-cast or broadcast time synchronisation.

BabyUSB power bank manufacturers
Power bank manufacturers to increase brand awareness

BabyUSB are leading power bank manufacturers. Power banks can be used to charge electronic devices whilst on the move. BabyUSB

industrial computer enclosure from Armagard
industrial computer enclosure

The Armagard industrial computer enclosure enables you to benefit from the functionality of a computer in an industrial environment.

industrial LCD monitor enclosure from Armgard
industrial LCD monitor enclosure for manufacturing environments

The Armagard industrial LCD monitor enclosure allows you to benefit from the functionality of a PC in dirty or dusty environments. The

Waterproof computer cabinet from Armagard
Waterproof computer cabinet can be washed in the factory

The waterproof computer cabinet is manufactured from food grade stainless steel.  The cabinet protects PCs and screens up to 19

Industrial PC Cabinet with Keyboard Tray
Industrial PC Cabinet for dusty working environments

Armagard’s Industrial PC Cabinet is ideal for the use in an industrial working environment as it protects Thinclient PC’s and up

front view of standalone GPS server
Standalone GPS Server - NTS-4000-S-GPS

A standalone version of the NTS-4000-R rackmount units. The NTS-4000-S GPS Server is an entry level dedicated NTP server for TCP/IP…

NTP server front
NTP server for GPS and radio time

Precise and reliable Windows Server Stratum 1 dual time source NTP Server for large networks. True stratum 1 NTP time server Dual

NTP Digital Clock front view
Reliable NTP digital clock

NTP Digital Clock Conduct your operations to the same schedule with the highly visible PoE (Power over Ethernet) digital clock from…

BabyUSB personalised memory sticks
Personalised memory sticks for increased brand awareness

BabyUSB is a leading manufacturer of personalised memory sticks. Personalised memory sticks are highly effective marketing tools. Each

BabyUSB promotional Bluetooth speaker
Increase brand awareness with a promotional bluetooth speaker

BabyUSB is a leading promotional Bluetooth speaker manufacturer. Promotional products are highly effective marketing tools. They can

Finance for non-finance managers course book
Finance for non-finance managers course develops budgeting skills

The finance for non-finance managers course from HB publications is ideal for public sector managers. The CPD course ensures learners

NTP GPS Server NTS-4000 front view
NTP GPS server delivers synchronised time

Accurate time is crucial for lots of businesses and organisations. Galleon Systems manufactures an NTP GPS server for synchronised time.

Rugged touch screen SENC-750 from Armagard
Rugged touch screen enclosure for PC protection

The 17-inch rugged touch screen enclosure protects PCs in wet and dirty environments. The touch screen uses the most accurate

Outdoor digital signage enclosures left view
Outdoor digital signage enclosures | Outdoor Digital protection for Harsh Environments | Armagard

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures Protection of LCD screens in outdoor, public or harsh industrial environments. Designed to

A touch screen vending machine made using a PCAP foil.
PCAP foil for a reliable touch screen vending machine

Would your business benefit from a touch screen vending machine? VisualPlanet manufactures projected capacitive (PCAP) foils in

butterfly wafer valve with switch box
Compact butterfly wafer valve provides a low-cost valve solution

Omega Valves has different butterfly wafer valves available to meet your requirements. Butterfly wafer valves are used for isolating

CASH Magnum XL
CASH Magnum XL | stuns large animals with a penetrating bolt

The CASH Magnum XL is the world’s most powerful penetrating bolt stun gun. The bolt does not retract automatically after firing to

Multi touch foil being used by a man in a car dealership
Multi touch foil for an interactive and engaging experience

Give people an interactive, engaging, and immersive experience with multi touch foil. VisualPlanet’s TouchfoilTM is applied to the