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front view of standalone GPS server
Standalone GPS Server - NTS-4000-S-GPS

A standalone version of the NTS-4000-R rackmount units. The NTS-4000-S GPS Server is an entry level dedicated NTP server for TCP/IP…

network time system hardware front view
Network time system hardware

Accurate GPS network time system hardware Similar to the TS-400-GPS unit, the TS-500-GPS time server is supplied as an active GPS

GPS network time server GPS mushroom antenna
GPS Network Time Server - Network Time Synchronisation

Entry level GPS network time server The TS-400 GPS network time server is supplied as an active GPS antenna and comes with software

Side view of MSF radio clock
MSF Radio Clock

MSF Radio Clock with Remote Antenna (IP65) The MSF radio clock is an advanced radio time code receiver. The antenna is rated to IP65

Atomic radio time server view from side
Atomic radio time server and NTP client software to synchronise time over a network of computers

The TS-300 atomic radio time server is capable of supplying time to a network of PC’s. The MSF clock is a standalone all-in-one

marching band instruments for international celebrations BBICO
Marching Band Instruments for International Celebrations

British Band Instrument Company (BBICO) is a leading provider of marching band instruments for international celebrations. BBICO has

PCAP touch foil from VisualPlanet
Customised PCAP touch foil creates interactive displays for your business

Do you need an engaging, unique touch screen? Projected capacitive (PCAP) technology converts LCD screens into interactive displays.

Enterprise Products Badge making supplies
Badge Making Supplies

Enterprise Products is looking for distributors for its badge making supplies. Enterprise Products produces high quality badge makers

Omega valves solenoid valves
Customised solenoid valves from Omega Valves

Omega Valves is a supplier of solenoid valves. The device operates using an electromagnetic solenoid coil to change the state of the

Touch screen overlay, Touchfoil, shown unwrapped
Touch screen overlay to turn your glass surface interactive

Do you want to engage customers with an interactive, immersive experience? A touch screen overlay converts a standard LCD display or

Multi touch screen overlay applied to a kiosk with cow in the background
Multi touch screen overlay to create an interactive experience

Engaging. Interactive. Immersive. VisualPlanet’s multi touch screen overlay is designed to turn most glass surfaces into a touch

Windows NTP server front
Windows NTP Server

The NTS-8000-GPS Windows NTP Server is a dedicated NTP time server for TCP/IP networks, which combines a GPS clock/receiver with a

Network time server, reciever and software
User friendly network time server

Galleon Systems’ network time server receives and synchronises accurate time for two independent networks and has a quick and…

Computer enclosure PENC-900
Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating

Penetration Grade Bitumen
Penetration Grade Bitumen (Asphalt) from Allianceco | High quality

Penetration grade bitumen Penetration grade bitumen is a standard bitumen usually used as a paving grade bitumen essential for road…

DoseBadge® noise dosimeter
The DoseBadge® noise dosimeter is ideal for occupational noise measurements

The DoseBadge® is the original wireless personal noise dosimeter. The dosimeter is ideal for the occupational and industrial noise…

Enterprise Products Badge press machine
Badge Press Machine

A range of badge press machine are available for distributors. Enterprise Products supplies high quality badge machines and components

B2B online Lead Generation portal for exporters
ExportWorldwide offers a B2B online Lead Generation portal for exporters

At ExportWorldwide, we believe that any company can successfully export with access to the right resources. ExportWorldwide is a B2B

Cirrus sound level warning device
Sound level warning device | Cirrus Research SoundSign

Cirrus Research is a leading manufacturer of sound level warning devices. The SoundSign is a noise warning sign designed to activate

Cirrus noise dosimeter kit
noise dosimeter kit | Cirrus Research safety officer measurement kit

Cirrus Research is a leading manufacturer of noise dosimeter kits. The safety officer noise measurement kit enables the user to

BBICO marching band instruments for ceremonial events
Marching Band Instruments for Ceremonial Events

British Band Instrument Company (BBICO) is a leading supplier of marching band instruments for ceremonial events. Marching bands have

Marching band supplies for military festivals BBICO
Marching Band Supplies for Military Festivals

British Band Instrument Company (BBICO) offers leading marching band supplies for military festivals. Military bands have been used

Military band instruments for independence celebrations BBICO
Military Band Instruments for Independence Celebrations

British Band Instrument Company (BBICO) is a leading supplier of military band instruments for independence celebrations. Marching

GasCheck Tesla, handheld helium leak detector
GasCheck, the handheld helium leak detector from Ion Science

GasCheck Tesla is a handheld helium leak detector manufactured by Ion Science. The GasCheck detector incorporates the advanced