Airtight car cover from J.F. Stanley and Co.
Airtight car cover protects valuable cars from moisture and rust

The airtight car cover keeps your car in perfect condition in indoor and outdoor locations. Simply drive your car on, zip the cover up and

PermaPack car capsule from J.F. Stanley and Co.
Car capsule provides moisture-free, long-term car storage

This car capsule protects your car for weeks, months and years. Your car comes out exactly as it went in—no rust, no dust or moisture.

Reusable desiccant packs for storing cars and valuables.
Reusable desiccant packs for humidity control in cars and safes

Protect your car and valuables from moisture, mildew and mould. PermaPack® reusable desiccant packs absorb moisture and help keep leather,

Temporary car garage for luxury cars and long-term storage.
Temporary car garage for long-term car storage

Looking for a long-term car-storage solution? The temporary car garage protects your car from rust, dust, moisture and damage. The

Outdoor car cover to protect luxury cars in wet weather,
Outdoor car cover for all-weather car protection

Protect your valuable car in any weather. The AutoStorm® outdoor car cover provides the ultimate protection from rain, hail, UV rays, tree

Padded hail car cover for cars and motorbikes.
Hail car cover for valuable cars and motorbikes

The AutoStorm® hail car cover allows you to safely store your luxury vehicle outside. The six-layer, padded cover prevents scratches and

Waterproof car cover for cars and motorbikes.
Breathable, waterproof car cover for outdoor protection

The waterproof car cover protects your luxury vehicle from rain, condensation, tree sap, bird droppings, air pollution, scratches and more.

Breathable outdoor car cover for water and sun protection.
Breathable outdoor car cover for luxury cars

Give your valuable car the protection it deserves. An AutoStorm® breathable outdoor car cover protects your car from moisture, mildew and

Reusable gun case dehumidifier protects valuables from moisture.
Reusable gun case dehumidifier

Protect your guns from rust, mildew and mould. The PermaPack® gun case dehumidifier absorbs moisture and helps keep guns in great