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electric actuator with butterfly valve
Electric actuator is the smart option

The electric actuator is a cost-effective method for automating any industrial process, efficiently. The wide range of options,

2 piece ball valve with actuator
Ball valve with actuator from Omega Valves

The ball valve with actuator is an efficient tool for automating any industrial process. The wide range of options, materials and…

blue butterfly valve with actuator
Butterfly valve with actuator from Omega Valves

The butterfly valve with actuator is an efficient tool for automating any industrial process. The wide range of options, materials

actuator valve from UK with switch box
Actuator valve from UK is now available worldwide

Omega Valves, distributors of actuator valve from UK, provide a cost-effective method for automating any industrial process. The wide

View from the side of the Lightning Arrestor
Lightning Arrestor

Fitted in-line with the Galleon GPS antenna to prevent potential damage to any connected computer equipment. This is a multi-strike…

Dust Proof Computer Enclosure front view with screensaver
Dust Proof Computer Enclosure ideal for dusty working environments

The Dust Proof Computer Enclosure is perfect for the use in industrial working environments, where a high volume of dust and dirt poses

industrial LCD monitor enclosure from Armgard
industrial LCD monitor enclosure for manufacturing environments

The Armagard industrial LCD monitor enclosure allows you to benefit from the functionality of a PC in dirty or dusty environments. The

High security PC enclosure from Armagard
High security PC enclosure

The high security PC enclosure by Armagard protects computers from physical impact, theft, liquid spills and dust. The cabinet ensures

Omega valves solenoid valves
Customised solenoid valves from Omega Valves

Omega Valves is a supplier of solenoid valves. The device operates using an electromagnetic solenoid coil to change the state of the

Waterproof Rack mount cabinet for server protection
Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet | Waterproof Protection for Servers and Networks

Armagard's 770R waterproof rack mount cabinet is a protective cabinet that house's conventional rackmountable server equipment. Built

Heated printer enclosure
Heated Printer Enclosure - Protection for Printers at cold temperatures

IP65 Printer Protection for Deep Freeze Applications The 800 series is our unique stainless steel heated printer enclosure, designed

Stainless steel pc enclosure
Stainless Steel PC Enclosure

The stainless steel PC enclosure allows you to use a computer and a 19 inch screen in wet and hygienic environments. The enclosure has

Outdoor digital menu boards for restaurant
Outdoor Digital Menu Boards | 47

Our 47" Outdoor Digital Menu Boards are a unique & highly-visible way to showcase your menus. Attract passers-by & increase…

Outdoor digital advertising display main image
Outdoor Digital Advertising Display 70

Providing a cutting edge, cost effective solution, your 70"-75" Outdoor Digital Advertising Display from Armagard will deliver a

Industrial PC Cabinet with Keyboard Tray
Industrial PC Cabinet for dusty working environments

Armagard’s Industrial PC Cabinet is ideal for the use in an industrial working environment as it protects Thinclient PC’s and up

Stainless Steel printer enclosure
Stainless Steel Printer Enclosure | Versatile Waterproof Printer Enclosure

Flexible and Versatile Floorstanding IP65 Waterproof Printer Enclosure Armagard's 700 series floor standing stainless steel printer…

EASYCONNECT EC30 range assembling sequence
EASYCONNECT wire mesh cable tray - EC30 Series

EASYCONNECT wire mesh cable tray. Safe installations in a click ! EASYCONNECT easy-to-install cable tray: Its integrated

Industrial computer workstation from Armagard
Industrial computer workstation

The Armagard industrial computer workstation allows you to use a PC with a 24 inch monitor in wet and dirty conditions. The enclosure

Award winning portable sf6 gas leak detector
Portable sf6 gas leak detector by Ion Science

The sf6 LeakCheck is a portable sf6 gas leak detector manufactured by Ion Science. The sf6 detector incorporates the award winning

Computer Cabinets - PC-CP01
Computer Cabinets A IP54 Computer Enclosure for Harsh Environments

Computer cabinets Our high security computer cabinets are designed to protect computers and servers in hostile environments from

Computer enclosure PENC-900
Computer Enclosure IP54 Protection for Industrial Environments

Computer Enclosure For Computer Protection Our PENC-900 series computer enclosure is all-in-one and built to IP54 Nema Rating

computer cabinet PENC-800
Computer Cabinet IP54 Computer Protection for dirty or dusty environments

Computer cabinet The PENC-800 computer cabinet is an all-in-one compact computer enclosure designed for protecting a wide range of

Industrial LCD monitor enclosure
Industrial LCD Monitor IP54 Enclosure for Small Computers and LCD Screens

The 700 series industrial LCD monitor enclosure is designed to protect tower or desktop PCs and flat screens (TFT, LCD, plasma or

blue butterfly valve types
Different butterfly valve types now available from Omega Valves

Omega Valves has different butterfly valve types available to meet your requirements. Butterfly valves are used for isolating or…