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Quality in the public sector [quality management in the public sector]

quality management in the public sector book
quality management in the public sector by HB Publications

Quality management in the public sector is a crucial responsibility of managers, as it affects the organisation and the economy. Public funds are not only limited but also segregated. It is, therefore, essential to ensure the quality of service provided is measured and monitored appropriately.

HB Publications’ book ‘Quality in the public sector’ clarifies the meaning of quality (in the public sector), and how it can be monitored, measured and, achieved.

The book is part of the series called ‘Essential skills for the public sector’. The book explains the benefit (vs cost) of introducing a quality measurement system, and how to set quality standards and monitor and control it.

The book is written in simple English and provides examples and practical exercises. This allows learners to apply their theoretical knowledge to real life situations and encourages continuous improvement.

The book about quality management in the public sector includes:

What is quality? 

  • Defining quality
  • Establishing a quality framework
  • Summary

Setting quality standards 

  • Purpose of quality standards
  • Types of quality standards
  • Developing standards for public sector services
  • Summary

Measuring and monitoring quality 

  • Performance indicators
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Summary

Quality management 

  • Total quality management
  • Quality audits
  • Summary

Investing in quality 

  • Cost of quality
  • Benefits of quality
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Quality and value for money
  • Summary

Obtaining recognised quality standards 

  • ISO 9000
  • Investors in people (IIP)
  • Comparisons between ISO9000 and IIP
  • Summary

Implementing quality 

  • Difficulties and solutions
  • Crucial phases

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Quality management in the public sector: Book specifications

  • Title: Quality in the Public Sector
  • Authors: Jennifer Bean, Lascelles Hussey
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HB Publications
  • ISBN: 9781899448 82 1
  • Size: 150 × 210
  • Pages: 145 pages

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