Heated printer enclosure
Heated printer enclosure protects your printer in cold environments

The heated printer enclosure allows you to use a printer in temperatures down to -30°C. The printer enclosure has an IP65 rating and is

Outdoor High Bright Display totem main image
Outdoor High Bright Display Totem Helping Against Sunlight Exposure On Screens

A feat in engineering innovation, Armagard’s 72" outdoor high bright display totem offers all the features and benefits of the 47" unit,

Industrial Touch Screen Enclosure main image
industrial touch screen enclosure for protection

The Armagard industrial touch screen enclosure is the ideal solution for using a computer in harsh workplace conditions. The enclosure is

High Brightness LCD Screen
Armagard’s Landscape High Brightness LCD Screen

Featuring anti-reflective technology, Our landscape high brightness LCD screen unit provides clear screen visibility in areas where exposure

LCD digital signage from Armagard
LCD digital signage for effective outdoor advertising

LCD digital signage by Armagard is the best outdoor advertising solution. Digital signage replaces printed posters and always looks modern.

Industrial computer workstation from Armagard
Industrial computer workstation to protect your PC and accessories

The Armagard industrial computer workstation allows you to use a PC with a 24 inch monitor in wet and dirty conditions. The enclosure is

digital drive thru menu board at KFC
Digital Drive Thru menu board | Triple Screen Solution | Armagard Ltd

The digital Drive Thru menu board improves sales with a triple screen. The digital Drive Thru menu board creates a potential 8% increase in

drive thru digital signage
Drive Thru Digital Signage | Improve Return on Investment

Drive thru digital signage is the future of advertising your menus. They enable you to limitlessly change your menu board, swiftly change

qsr outdoor digital signage front view with screen
QSR Outdoor Digital Signage | Entire Drive Thru Digital Signage Solution

QSR Outdoor Digital Signage An Entire Drive Thru Digital Signage Solution in One Place Reduce Your Average Service Time at the Drive Thru.

Armagard qsr outdoor digital signage enclosure
QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure | A Quick Return on Investment

The QSR outdoor digital signage enclosure is ideal for protecting your LCD screen in harsh weather conditions. Each enclosure is

Multi screen outdoor digital signage from Armagard
Multi screen outdoor digital signage to mount Samsung OH displays

Armagard’s multi screen outdoor digital signage displays up to three 46 inch Samsung screens (OH46F). The screens can be easily read in

PC enclosure from Armagard
PC enclosure to protect computers in harsh environments

The Armagard 19 inch PC enclosure protects from liquid, dust, oil, physical impact and theft. The enclosure is made from steel, has a

High security PC enclosure from Armagard
High security PC enclosure for a longer-life computer

The high security PC enclosure by Armagard protects computers from physical impact, theft, liquid spills and dust. The cabinet ensures that

industrial LCD monitor enclosure from Armgard
industrial LCD monitor enclosure for manufacturing environments

The Armagard industrial LCD monitor enclosure allows you to benefit from the functionality of a PC in dirty or dusty environments. The IP54

sunlight readable digital signage from Armagard
Sunlight readable digital signage for effective outdoor signs

Outdoor signage is an effective way of engaging the public and generating income. Armagard sunlight readable digital signage uses high

industrial touch screen monitor from Armagard
Industrial touch screen monitor manufactured to standard IP54

The industrial touch screen monitor provides the functionality of a touch screen in industrial environments. The touch screen is protected

Waterproof computer cabinet from Armagard
Waterproof computer cabinet can be washed in the factory

The waterproof computer cabinet is manufactured from food grade stainless steel.  The cabinet protects PCs and screens up to 19 inches

digital signage enclosure by Armagard
Digital signage enclosure provides complete protection

The 55 inch digital signage enclosure from Armagard provides a secure and attractive advertising platform. The enclosure protects the

Rugged touch screen SENC-750 from Armagard
Rugged touch screen enclosure for PC protection

The 17-inch rugged touch screen enclosure protects PCs in wet and dirty environments. The touch screen uses the most accurate technology

Armagard outdoor digital display left view
Outdoor digital display for attractive advertising

The 55-inch outdoor digital display provides appealing advertising for your products and services. The display engages customers and raises

digital poster manufactured by Armagard
Digital poster simplifies advertisements

The digital poster by Armagard is a cost-effective solution for simplified advertising. The digital poster is ideal for all advertising

Armagard's cold storage printer solution
Cold Storage Printer Solution | A Heated Printer Enclosure

The Armagard hated printer enclosure is the ideal cold storage printer solution. The enclosure comes standing and designed to protect

Armagard digital outdoor menu boards
Digital Outdoor Menu Boards | Reliable and Robust

Armagard is a leading manufacturer of digital outdoor menu boards. The menu boards are an ideal way of advertising your restaurant menu

Armagard compact touchscreen
Compact Touchscreen Enclosure for the Industrial Workplace

The Armagard compact touchscreen enclosure is the ideal solution for using a touchscreen computer in the industrial workplace. The