Industrial Keyboard product shot
Industrial Keyboard Latex-Free Silicone Rubber NEMA 4 keyboard

Constructed of non-porous, latex-free silicone rubber, our Industrial keyboard is rugged and completely waterproof and dustproof. Low

waterproof mouse product shot
Waterproof mouse IP65 rated washable optical mouse

Perfect for use in medical, dental, scientific and food manufacturing environments and compatible with any computer our NEMA 4X rated

Industrial mouse product image
Industrial Mouse NEMA 4 Dust & dirt proof optical mouse

Our industrial mouse is completely waterproof making it ideal for use in any environment where dust, moisture or liquid is present. Perfect

Compact Waterproof Touch Screen main image
compact waterproof touch screen for workplaces

Waterproof to IP56 and manufactured from food grade stainless steel, the SENC-350 Compact Waterproof Touch Screen is designed to protect

Waterproof touch screen PC main image
Waterproof Touch Screen PC enclosure with integrated 21.5

Don’t pull off that glove! Armagard’s Waterproof Touch Screen PC incorporates a large 21.5" touch screen monitor that is easily

Touch Screen Industrial PC main image
Touch Screen Industrial PC IP54 with Integrated 21.5 touch screen

Designed to protect tower PC's and using touch-screen technology, the Armagard Touch Screen Industrial PC PENC 450 series is a compact

Digital signage advertising by Armagard
Digital signage advertising system for indoor and outdoor advertising

Retail digital signage advertising with our indoor digital display Armagard provides a digital signage advertising system for indoor

Stainless steel pc enclosure
Stainless Steel PC Enclosure

The stainless steel PC enclosure allows you to use a computer and a 19 inch screen in wet and hygienic environments. The enclosure has an

Waterproof PC Enclosure main image
Waterproof PC Enclosure | Heavy Washdown Computer and Screen Protection

IP66 Waterproof PC Enclosure for Heavy Wash Down Environments The SENC-900 Waterproof PC Enclosure is designed to protect entire computer

Printer enclosure
Printer Enclosure - A Highly customisable floor standing printer enclosure for printer protection

All purpose and Adaptable Our IP54 Printer Enclosure is ideal for factory and industrial environments Armagard's floor standing 700 series

Outdoor TV enclosure in insitu hangin up on the wall
Outdoor TV Enclosure - Weather, Vandal and Theft Proof for your TV outdoor needs

Why Buy An Outdoor TV Enclosure? 3 Key Incentives... VERSATILE - Great for personal or commercial use. COST-EFFECTIVE – Attractively

Digital signage touch screen main image
Digital Signage Touch Screen - touch screen technology with Digital advertising in mind

Digital Signage Touch Screen Enclosure Providing a new method to communicate and attract new customers, the digital signage touch screen

LCD Monitor Enclosure
LCD Monitor Enclosure - LCD Monitor or TV protection for Outdoor Harsh Environments

Protect LCD monitors or small LCD TVs in outdoor, public or industrial environments with an LCD Monitor Enclosure. Designed to accommodate

Outdoor digital signage from Armagard
Outdoor Digital Signage

Armagard’s outdoor digital signage is a cost-effective and attractive alternative to static signage, which must be frequently reprinted.

computer cabinet PENC-800
Computer Cabinet IP54 Computer Protection for dirty or dusty environments

Computer cabinet The PENC-800 computer cabinet is an all-in-one compact computer enclosure designed for protecting a wide range of desktop

Compact Touchscreen Enclosure main image
IP54 Compact touchscreen Enclosure with Integrated Touch Screen Monitor

The PENC-350 is a slim line compact touchscreen enclosure to protect desktop and tower PCs in factory environments. It can also be fitted

industrial computer enclosure from Armagard
industrial computer enclosure

The Armagard industrial computer enclosure enables you to benefit from the functionality of a computer in an industrial environment. The

sunlight readable digital totem from Armagard
sunlight readable digital totem

The 47 inch sunlight readable digital totem by Armagard uses a high bright screen and anti-glare technology to ensure that your sign is easy

Multi screen outdoor digital menu for high-bright promotions at your drive thru.
Engage customers with QSR multi screen outdoor digital menu boards

The multi screen outdoor digital menu totem is an engaging upgrade to posters and billboards. The enclosure displays up to three 46-inch

waterproof touch screen monitor from Armagard
Rugged and waterproof touch screen monitor for industrial environments

The waterproof touch screen monitor by Armagard allows the use of touch screens in wet and dirty environments. It is made from stainless

LCD advertising display from Armagard front view
LCD advertising display to boost sales

The LCD advertising display is an effective and cost-effective solution to advertising. The LCD display functions as a digital poster which

Digital signage manufacturer shipping products worldwide.
Bespoke digital signage manufacturer

Choose the leading digital signage manufacturer. Armagard has over 25 years’ experience producing digital signage hardware for any

TV Screen Protector
TV Screen Protector providing Digital TV protection

Protection of LCD TV screens indoor against vandal attacks. Used in busy indoor environments, the TV Screen protector 42” protects

Outdoor digital signage enclosures left view
Outdoor digital signage enclosures | Outdoor Digital protection for Harsh Environments | Armagard

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures Protection of LCD screens in outdoor, public or harsh industrial environments. Designed to accommodate