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Notarized and certified document translation agency

Cicero Translations is a certified document translation agency. Established in 1980, Cicero Translations has almost 40 years of experience and knowledge in translating text across different sectors.

Cicero Translations translates content to and from 70 languages every year. The company uses a two step proofreading process to ensure accurate translations.

Cicero Translations provides translation, certification and notarization for official or legal documents.

The certified document translation agency uses the following process:

  1. The project will be overseen by a dedicated project manager from start to finish.
  2. A native translator will be chosen based on industry and language skills. The translator will also proofread the content to ensure that the content is linguistically and technically accurate.
  3. A second linguist will be selected to proofread the files thoroughly. The proofreader will be proficient in the targeted language and have the relevant industry knowledge. The proofreader will check for any errors or issue in the text and suggest appropriate changes.
  4. The proofreader will then send the document back to the project manager. The manager will check the documents thoroughly.
  5. For certified translations, Cicero Translations will sign, date and stamp the translated document. The project manager will also provide a certificate stating that the translation is accurate.
  6. For notarized documents, the project manager will ensure the documents get approved by the Notary Public and the Foreign Office, if a formal legalisation is required.

Benefits of using the certified document translation agency

  1. Accurate translation – The translated document will be accurate and free of errors.
  2. Diversification – Cicero Translations has developed a good working relationship with translators from around the world. These translators specialize in different subjects and styles. Cicero works closely with them to ensure high quality and idiomatic translation.
  3. Experienced – With almost 40 years of experience, Cicero Translations has vast experience in different translation services. The company successfully completes all translation projects regardless of size, industry or language.
  4. Proofreading – The two step review system ensures that there are no errors, grammatically or technically.
  5. Ready to use – The agency saves time and decreases the client’s workload. This ensures the final product is fit for use immediately.
  6. Professional – Cicero Translations takes the following into consideration:
  • The objective of the content
  • Notarization/certification
  • The layout and format of the page
  • Industry/company specific terminology

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