The occupational and industrial DoseBadge® personal noise exposure monitor

DoseBadge® personal noise exposure monitor [DoseBadge® personal noise exposure monitor]

personal noise exposure monitor

The DoseBadge® is the best personal noise exposure monitor. The product is manufactured by Cirrus Research

The DoseBadge® is the original system from Cirrus Research. The systems monitors, measures and records the personal noise exposure at work.

The wireless device measures, stores and calculates the necessary parameters to comply with the noise at work regulations which include the LAeq, LCPeak and LEP,d standards.

The standard DoseBadge® or the intrinsically safe DoseBadge® come with a complete measurement kit.

The personal noise exposure monitoring system features data logging and time history options as standard. The device uses dual channel measurements to get accurate information and to save time.

The data is easily downloaded using the supplied NoiseTools software. The software is easily installed on most PCs to make data analysis and reporting quick and simple.

The personal noise exposure monitor is free of cables and controls.

The DoseBadge® is enclosed in a metal case which protects it from damage or misuse. The durable and lightweight DoseBadge® is wearable in harsh environments.

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Technical specification

  • The personal noise exposure monitoring system can measure and store the essential noise data.
  • The product weighs 51g.
  • The time history data is stored as standard.
  • The robust metal case prevents damage and cuts down on servicing costs.
  • There are no external controls, cables and screens which minimises the damage and prevents tampering with the instrument.
  • The NoiseTools software includes licence free installation and free lifetime updates.
  • The DoseBadge® has a typical 90 minute charge time.
  • The DoseBadge® has a typical 30 hours battery life.
  • The intrinsically safe version is available with ATEX, EEx, IECEx & FM certifications.
  • The DoseBadge® is certified for hazardous atmospheres.
  • The DoseBadge® is covered by a 15 Year Warranty.
  • The personal noise exposure monitoring device is a compact, lightweight and robust product.

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