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RFID card manufacturer Company Cards
RFID card manufacturer Company Cards
RFID card manufacturer Company Cards

Company Cards is a leading RFID card manufacturer

Access control cards are an ideal way of ensuring your business is secure. Each card can contain a chip type from either LEGIC, MIFARE, or Hitag, which allow the user access to certain areas. These contactless cards ensure that your business and employees are safe by keeping areas restricted.

Ensure your business is secure with Company Cards.

Why do I need an RFID card manufacturer?

Access control cards are essential way of ensuring your business is safe and secure. They allow access to restricted areas only for those who have the correct proximity card, meaning access is denied to those who don’t. This eliminates the risk of anyone entering an area they shouldn’t be.

With the access control cards manufactured by Company Cards, gaining access to an area is simple.

Each card is contactless, meaning the card can be accepted when in proximity of the card reader. This means that the user doesn’t have to swipe or scan, making the movement quick and easy. Our proximity cards also include chips produced by leading manufacturers, such as LEGIC and NXP. This guarantees quality.

When you need to keep your business safe and secure, don’t take any risks. Choose Company Cards to manufacture your access control cards.

Why choose the RFID card manufacturer?

Company Cards has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing access control cards and RFID chip cards. It has kept many major businesses and their employees safe and secure with its advanced proximity cards. What makes it different, though?

Fast The company aims to fulfil orders within 5 working days on approval of artwork
Quality The highest quality plastic card printing equipment is used
Quantity Any number of RFID cards can be manufactured
Partnerships Company Cards works alongside leading chip manufactures, including LEGIC and MIFARE. This guarantees each proximity card is of the highest quality
Advanced Contactless cards only require proximity to the card reader, unlike traditional magnetic stripe or barcode cards
Personal You will be assisted by an account manager throughout the whole process, from the first enquiry until after the order is complete
Backed up Two of every machine reduces the risk of delay
Adaptability Company Cards manufactures custom RFID cards with a range of different options, including names, numbers, and photographs
Extras A wide range of optional features are available with each access control card

The RFID card manufacturer offers extra options

Company Cards can manufacture access control cards with the following features:

  • Barcode
  • Encoding
  • Gloss
  • Matt
  • Personalisation

Contact us now to keep your business secure.

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