Disposable face mask to reduce the spread of viruses

Disposable face mask [Personal protective equipment]

Protect yourself and others by reducing the spread of viruses in everyday life. A disposable face mask forms an effective barrier over your mouth and nose. You reduce the spread of germs through sneezing, coughing and talking.

Ideal for limiting coronavirus in businesses, schools, care homes and more. 

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Reduce the spread of viruses with a disposable face mask

These disposable face masks are CE certified, non-medical grade and intended for single use for short periods of time.

The non-woven, three-ply fabric forms an effective barrier over the mouth and nose of the wearer. An adjustable metal strip can be pinched around the nose, ensuring a good fit. The elastic ear loops make the mask comfortable to wear. You reduce the chance of you spreading germs through coughing, sneezing and talking.

WHO guidance identifies that face masks, along with other preventative measures, can limit the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Product may differ in appearance from the image shown.

Non-medical face masks are ideal for:

  • Businesses: Single-use face masks are an easy way to protect staff and customers during pandemics. Give people confidence that your business is a safe place to enter.
  • Personal use: A disposable face mask is easy to wear when shopping, travelling, exercising and visiting friends and family.
  • Care givers: Face masks can help care givers protect themselves and those they’re looking after. Ideal for use in care homes and when visiting vulnerable people.
  • Schools and universities: Reduce the spread of viruses among staff and students. Make your classrooms, lecture theatres and shared areas safer places to work and study.

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