Coronavirus fever detection kiosk for commercial locations

Fever detection kiosk [Fever scanning]

Fever detection kiosk right-facing front view.
Fever detection kiosk front view.
Fever detection kiosk pole-mounted front view.
Fever detection kiosk pole-mounted rear view.
Fever detection kiosk side view.

Identify ill individuals before they enter your premises. The fever detection kiosk takes a high-accuracy measurement of a person’s body temperature. Protect staff and customers and reduce the spread of viruses. Install the scanner at entrances to give people confidence your business is a safe place to enter.

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Fever detection kiosk to protect staff and customers from coronavirus

The fever screening kiosk helps you fulfil your responsibility for workplace health and safety. Use the unit to identify people with a high body temperature before they have contact with your staff and customers. You reduce the spread of viruses in your business and safeguard your workforce. The body temperature scanner is ideal for offices, retail stores, hospitals, universities and more.

The infrared camera is accurate to within 0.3°C ~ 0.5°C. Employees and visitors can be confident that the people inside your premises are free of this virus symptom. The facial detection camera is compatible with face masks. Users can always keep their protective equipment on, which ensures maximum protection from viruses.

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Technical specifications

  • Size (height x width x depth in millimetres): 243.8 × 130 × 26.3
  • Screen: 8-inch, multi-point touch screen
  • Temperature accuracy: Within 0.3°C ~ 0.5°C
  • Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C
  • Operating system: Android
  • Environment: Indoor or semi-outdoor
  • Mounting: Wall (included), gate (optional)

Features and benefits of the fever detection kiosk

Features Benefits
Accurate to within 0.3°C ~ 0.5°C Reassure people that your business is a safe place to work and visit. Staff and customers can be confident that the people in your premises don’t have a high body temperature.
Can scan a person in two seconds The fever detection kiosk scans quickly, so your entrances stay clear of queues. This helps you maintain social distancing measures and reduce the spread of contagious illnesses.
Face mask compatible The body temperature measurement kiosk detects and assesses a person when they’re wearing a face mask. Your staff and visitors can always wear their protective masks, for maximum safety.
Wall or turnstile/gate mounting Install the scanner at any entrance. The unit comes with wall mounting, or you can choose stand/turnstile mounting.

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