Understand and prepare for the impact of Brexit on UK businesses.

Consultancy service [Impact of Brexit on UK businesses]

impact of Brexit on UK businesses

InterAnalysis provides consultancy services to UK businesses to help them understand and prepare for the impact of Brexit. Using the TradeSift software, InterAnlaysis provides data driven analysis.

TradeSift provides a fast and reliable assessment of the impact of Brexit. The consultancy service will analyse the impact of Brexit on your business and help generate new strategies. The software can also identify international market opportunities and issues.

The analysis and the consultancy services help businesses to prepare for Brexit.

The consultancy service includes the following features

  • Rapid export/import analysis – Identifying market opportunities and issues
  • Modelling – Partial equilibrium and Gravity modelling
  • TradeSift software training
  • Trade policy and capacity building training – Workshops and other facilities, which inform and build upon economic and analytical frameworks
  • Trade report – Identifying export opportunities for different sectors and markets
  • Research on trade impacts – Issues and opportunities for governments, different sectors and chamber of commerce
  • Publications – Access to information from academic institutions, research groups, development focused organisations and national and regional governments

The InterAnalysis consultancy services is brought to you by a team of three economists; Professor Jim Rollo CMG, Dr Peter Holmes and Dr Michael Gasiorek. Collectively they have more than 100 years of experience and practical knowledge.

The team’s combined experience includes the following features

  • Vast academic experience – Nationally and internationally
  • Chief economic advisor to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Members of the UK Trade Policy Observatory
  • Member of Chatham House
  • International trade research projects for public and private sectors
  • Expertise in capacity building for trade and trade policy
  • Expertise in regional integration
  • Expertise in WTO issues
  • Expertise in International Free Trade Agreements

InterAnalysis has a broad network of highly trained, trade policy experts. The consultancy service is situated at the University of Sussex and works closely with the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UMTPO) and the Centre of Analysis of Regional Integration (CARIS).

InterAnalysis uses their vast experience and the functionality of the TradeSift software to analyse the impact of Brexit on UK businesses.

The consultancy service is suitable for the following sectors and organisations

  • SMEs
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Exporting institutions
  • Regional development agencies and councils
  • UK and international government departments of trade
  • Inter-government institutions and departments
  • NGOs
  • Consortia
  • Universities
  • Educational institutions
  • Research institutes

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