International trade policy analysis report by experts

InterAnalysis [International trade policy analysis report]

InterAnalysis, International trade policy analysis report
InterAnalysis, International trade policy analysis report

InterAnlaysis provides detailed international trade policy analysis reports. The reports help businesses and organisations make better informed decisions, identify barriers, minimise risk, and explore new opportunities. This information enables businesses enter and expand in markets with ease and confidence.

InterAnlaysis provides reports using its TradeSift Software. The TradeSift software analyses relevant trade data and polices to measure its impact on specified industry.

The international trade policy analysis report includes the following:

Feature Benefit
Trade impact analysis

Helps businesses generate priorities and strategies based on actual trade data and economic performance

Export/import trade policy analysis Helps discover new market opportunities, and identify export/import issues
Non-tariff measures and deep regional integration analysis This provides reliable data, which helps formulate a plan of action
Fast and consistent assessment of cost and benefit analysis Helps make reliable financial decisions
Calculation of diagnostic trade indicators Helps identify missed opportunities and other relevant details
Analysis of trade policy before and after its implementation, including Brexit trade policies

Helps businesses and organisations prepare for any changes in policy

The international trade policy report is led by a team of three economists: Professor Jim Rollo CMG, Dr Peter Holmes and Dr Michael Gasiorek. Collectively, they have more than 100 years of experience and practical knowledge.

The team’s combined portfolio includes the following:

  • Vast academic experience – nationally and internationally
  • Chief economic advisor to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Members of the UK Trade Policy Observatory
  • Member of Chatham House
  • International trade research projects for public and private sectors
  • Expertise in the development of trade and trade policies
  • Expertise in regional integration
  • Expertise in WTO issues
  • Expertise in International Free Trade Agreements

InterAnalysis has a broad network of highly trained trade policy experts. The company is situated at the University of Sussex and works closely with the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) and the Centre of Analysis of Regional Integration (CARIS).

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