Breathable, waterproof car cover for outdoor protection

Waterproof car cover [AutoStorm Aqua]

Waterproof car cover for cars and motorbikes.
Waterproof car cover protects vehicles from wet weather.
The waterproof car cover is award winning.

The waterproof car cover protects your luxury vehicle from rain, condensation, tree sap, bird droppings, air pollution, scratches and more.

AutoStorm® Aqua provides the highest level of wet weather protection. Your luxury car stays clean and dry, so it looks great every time you drive it.

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Waterproof car cover for extreme wet weather protection

The AutoStorm Aqua outdoor car cover has a unique five-layer, double cover design that provides breathable, wet weather protection for luxury cars.

The top layer protects your car from heavy rain, tree sap, air pollution and more. The bottom layer is extremely soft, so your car doesn’t get scratched. The whole cover is so breathable that a wet car will dry beneath it, ensuring your car stays free from moisture and condensation.

Replace the top cover after one to two years to maintain the highest level of protection for your car. 

The cover comes with a set of storm straps, which you can use to secure the cover in strong winds. The cover also includes a cable lock that prevents theft, allowing you to securely use the cover outdoors.

Motor Klassik magazine, Germany, has given J.F Stanley and Co. the ‘best brand’ award nine times since 2007, including every year since 2013.

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Waterproof car cover features

Features Benefits
Water repellent outside and soft inside Complete protection for your luxury car. AutoStorm keeps your car dry and free from scratches.
Highly breathable AutoStorm is so breathable that a wet car will dry beneath it. Your car stays protected from moisture, mildew and condensation.
Unique five-layer design (four layers plus a removable top layer) The top layer provides protection from extreme weather, bird droppings, tree sap and more. Easily replace the top cover after one to two years to maintain protection.
Heavy-duty waterproof seams The waterproof car cover lasts for many years and doesn’t tear in strong winds.
Storm straps and cable lock Storm straps ensure a good fit to your car and stop the cover moving in strong winds. The cable lock protects your cover from theft, allowing you to use it safely in any location.

Choose the best outdoor car cover for you

AutoStorm is available in seven other versions:

  • Classic: For semi-outdoor protection in a carport.
  • Aqua-UV: Waterproof cover with added UV protection.
  • UV+: For protection from solar radiation in dry, sunny locations.
  • Hail: Has a padded top cover that provides protection from hail.
  • Transport: For protecting a car during transport on a trailer.
  • Snow: Protects a car from snow and ice.
  • Half cover: Protects the top half of a car. Ideal for soft-top convertibles.

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